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Robinhood Login has taken meaningful strides in recent years, expanding its offerings and moving from just a mobile app to something much more. It continues with its bread-and-butter – no-cost trades on stocks, ETFs, options and cryptocurrency (although the latter has a built-in markup) using its slick mobile app. But it’s shored up some of its prior weak spots, including customer service, where it now offers 24/7 chat functionality in addition to phone and email options. It’s also introduced IRA accounts, as well as offering a special bonus for customers who contribute to them. And it offers a competitive rate on cash balances if you’re using its upgraded Gold plan. But Robinhood Login is not without its faults still, including a total lack of mutual funds, limited account types, a history of not always treating customers right and unclear markups on cryptocurrency.

If you’re looking to stick to a financial app, then We may also be for you, and it offers some visually appealing charting capabilities in addition to slick functionality. Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab also get you in the no-cost stock and fund trading game and have strong investor-friendly cred, too. Plus, they offer stronger research and education, if that’s what you need.


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